Useful Accordion Links

Below are links members have found helpful or interesting.  Feel free to suggest others using the contacts page! News and current events of the accordion world edited by Rita Davidson Lots of information of doing your own work on your accordion such as fixing bellows, reed problems, bass button problems, waxing, etc. Free Metronome program to download for your computer.  Works well. Want a Metronome but don't want to download? Use this one right on the webpage. Huge list of accordion websites  Site of the American Accordionist's Association News, links, books, etc. Site of the Accordions Worldwide organization A radio documentary on the accordion (about 53 min. total if you listen to all of it) Cory Pesaturo's custom wrapped Roland 7x. Very wild! Catalog of 5,000 accordion music titles YouTube film on How It's Made: Accordion (5 minutes in length) Information on Accordion  "How to " repair/maintenance topics such as tools, tuning, reed filing, valve issues, calibration, etc.