Accordion Repair

Here are some links to businesses that do accordion repair.
All offer sales, books, etc. in addition to repairs.

Please note: The MAAA does not endorse any specific
business.    This list is for informational purposes only.

Paul Monte Accordion Repair

General repairs on new and old piano accordions Reed Work - spot tuning - reed and leather replacement -  Keyboard and bass button alignment -  Bass button marking - with or without rhinestone - Replace shoulder and bass straps

Contact Paul at

Falcetti Music is one of the few accordion repair centers in New England and the only
one that repairs all accordions. We have both an accordion and electronic technician
on staff. Repair services are also available on chromatic, concertinas, diatonic,
digital and piano accordions. Estimates available.

Contact information: 1-413-543-1002, Email: