Useful Musical Terms

The following terms were found via the Internet and
uploaded to the MAAAGRP Forum on YAHOO by Dave M.

Tempo The speed of a piece of music
Largo broad Slow and dignified
Larghetto a little bit broad Not as slow as largo
Lentando slowing Becoming slower
Lento slow Slow
Adagio ad agio at ease Slow, but not as slow as largo
Adagietto little adagio Faster than adagio; or a short adagio composition
Andante walking Moderately slow, flowing along
Moderato  moderately At a moderate speed
Allegretto  a little bit joyful Slightly slower than allegro
Largamente  broadly Slow and dignified
Mosso moved Agitated
Allegro  joyful; lively and fast Moderately fast
Fermata stopped Marks a note to be held or sustained
Presto ready Very fast
Prestissimo very ready Very very fast, as fast as possible
Accelerando accelerating Accelerating
Affrettando  becoming hurried Accelerating
Allargando to slow and broaden Slowing down and broadening, becoming more
stately and majestic, possibly louder
Ritardando  to slow Decelerating
Rallentando  becoming progressively slower Decelerating
Rubato robbed Free flowing and exempt from steady rhythm
Tenuto  sustained Holding or sustaining a single note
Accompagnato accompanied The accompaniment must follow the singer who can speed up or slow down at will
Alla marcia as a march In strict tempo at a marching pace (e.g. 120 bpm)
A tempo  to time Return to previous tempo
L'istesso tempo  Same speed At the same speed